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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sono Hanabira - English Patch - Complete!

I never gave much thought to what I would say when this time finally came. Even more than you, I wasn't even sure that it would ever make it this far.

But here is it - the long-long-looooong awaited English translation patch for Sono Hanabira:

The patch is in two parts: a graphics patch, and a script patch. You'll need both.

You'll need the the original game as well of course. Unlike most Japanese games, a downloadable edition can be easily purchased for less than $20 US from's completely-English store - here's a direct link. (No, these are not affiliate links.)

I guess in the end, I really don't have anything to say. So I shall let my work speak for me.

Well, one thing I guess: Thanks everybody - seriously. Good night.

- CountPacula - rose-at-sonohanabira-dot-countpacula-dot-com

[edit: added info on where to buy the original game - please do!]

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